Saving Grace Newsletters


Read our May 2020 Newsletter and learn how you can help spread the word about Saving Grace’s impact.

Read our April 2020 Newsletter and find out how Saving Grace is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Read our February 2020 Newsletter and find out what major milestones Saving Grace has reached.


Read our August 2019 Newsletter and learn how Saving Grace is increasing food rescue totals.

Read our May 2019 Newsletter and find out what national and local awards Saving Grace received.

Read our March 2019 Newsletter and find out how we rescued 3 million pounds of food and fed over 3 million meals to the hungry since 2013.


Read our October 2018 Newsletter and find out how surplus bread is being used to make beer.

Read our Fifth Birthday Newsletter and learn five ways Saving Grace is making an impact.

Read our March 2018 Newsletter and find out what new record was set.


Read our December 2017 Newsletter and and find our how our food donors helped us reach the 2 million pound mark.

Read our October 2017 Newsletter that celebrates Saving Grace’s fourth anniversary.

Read our July 2017 Newsletter and learn about the importance of having access to healthy food.

Read our April 2017 Newsletter and see what new food rescue milestone we reached.

Read our February 2017 Newsletter.


Read our July 2016 Newsletter and learn how Saving Grace rescued 1 million pounds of food in its first 34-months of operation.

Read our April 2016 Newsletter.


Learn more about what we do and how it benefits our community.