Mid-year Report (download full report below): Saving Grace has continued to remain flexible to respond to emerging needs for food during the pandemic and to provide leadership for new initiatives addressing food insecurity and food equity.

During the first six months of this year, we rescued and redistributed 766,874 pounds of perishable food to feed the hungry. Nearly 500,000 pounds of this was Farmers to Families Food Boxes.

While the amount of surplus food provided by our regular partners was down during the pandemic because of businesses closures and disruptions to the food supply chain, the food boxes enabled us to continue to provide nutritious produce, dairy products and meats to our nonprofit partners that were seeing increased needs from their clients. In fact, the amount of food we provided these agencies feeding the hungry increased 64% over the first half of last year.

And, the 383 tons of food kept out of our landfills these first six months is the equivalent of
removing the annual emissions of 334 passenger vehicles from the environment.