Watch for Our New Food Donor Recognition Emblem Where You Shop and Eat!

The Saving Grace model of reducing wasted food is built on community partnerships. We connect surplus perishable food from our network of food donors with nonprofit partner agencies that serve people experiencing food insecurity. These partnerships are essential to our work.

This focus continues to grow our network of food business partners committed to reducing wasted food. To highlight these partnerships, we’ve launched a new food donor recognition program. As you shop and dine out, look for the Saving Grace digital emblem and window decal that businesses can display showing they donate their excess food through Saving Grace.

Early discussions with our current food donors show they are enthusiastic about proudly displaying the emblem highlighting our partnership. More and more, their customers want to know what they do with their excess food – an indication that our outreach in the community is making a difference.

In 2021, Nebraska and Iowa produced more than 1.7 million tons of surplus food. Less than 3% of that was recovered and provided to people in need, so there is much more we can rescue. As more community members become aware of the impact of wasted food, we hope they will encourage businesses to donate through Saving Grace.